Privacy Policy

sys4 is a company under private law. We are subject to the regulations of Germanys Bundesdatenschutzgesetz (BDSG) and Telemediengesetz (TMG).

Data Privacy

Data privacy – especially protection of personal data – is more than a legal obligation to us. To us transparency about what we do and how we protect your personal data is the foundation for a partnership built on trust.

We have taken technical and organizational measures to ensure our data protection standards are met by our partners and ourselves.

Personal Information

Any time you visit our website the server logs some data (e.g. your browsers IP address, date, time etc.).

  • We anonymize the data before we store them
  • We run statistics on the anonymized data, because we want to optimize our website to give you the best experience we can

Service Information

On this website we offer a DANE verification service. We also offer statistics about DANE usage. The statistics are based on the verification results. Each time someone verifies a domain we store its name, verification details and the result. If a domain gets verified more than once we build a verification history.